Unified Cyber Olympiad – Preparatory Books

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We have recently heard about the Unified Cyber Olympiad (UCO) from a member and asking us whether we have some preparatory books for it.

Naturally we go an extra-mile to bring the requisite books by our members.

We learnt that the main goals of UCO are:

  • streamlining computer education
  • instilling competitiveness in computer education
  • including logic, reasoning and mental ability in the learning process
  • identifying talent and assessing students on a nationwide platform
  • exposing students to the latest technology and study in computers

The UCO is held across the country on 7th September this year.

The UCO is conducted for students for the classes 3rd until 10th standard. Yes beginning with 3rd standard.

If you look at the sample questions you will find its more fun and improves the cognitive and logical reasoning skills.

Sample question for Class 2:

A teacher is lining up his students in this order:
girl, girl, boy, boy, girl, girl, boy, boy  girl, girl, boy,  ?  ?
If he continues the same pattern, what are the next two students in line?
(A)  Boy, boy  (B)  Boy, girl  (C)  Girl, boy  (D)  Girl, girl  (E)  None of these.

Sample questions for Class 3:

In one trip a car can take 6 people. In how many trips can it take 30 people? 
(A)  5 trips  (B)  6 trips  (C)  4 trips  (D)  10 trips  (E)  None of these. 

Find the odd one out. 
(A)  Sunday  (B)  January  (C)  Wednesday  (D)  Friday  (E)  None of these.

Sample question for Class 4:

A is 40 m South­West of B. C is 40 m South­East of B. C is in which direction of A ? 
(A)  South  (B)  West  (C) East  (D) North­West  (E) 
None of the above.

We are sure your child will answer it faster than you can read :-)

Does your child’s School participate? You can find more information about UCO here.

BTW, we have added some books for the preparation of such exams which you can find here.

Good luck to all the children taking the exam. Have fun!

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