How to call an online library?

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Our library has gone live (opened for public!) for some months and we have greeted with enthusiastic reactions online and we were featured in the ‘The Hindu – Young World’ and we have been deluged by mails since then. One of the most asked questions was where can we visit the library and whom we can reach to talk about it.
Call online
Surely we were not prepared for this as we are busy stocking the library with good children’s books.

So how to call an online library ?!?

When we started with the idea for the library we know we wanted the complete collection catalogued online as online provides a certain advantages over physical library. There is a good reason why every physical library has an online booking functionality. Search & recommendations are integral part in finding a good book.

We realized the library has generated good interest in the public but also generated many questions simply the FAQ was not enough. People wanted to talk to a real person.

So we are taking calls now.

From now you can call us between 10:00 to 19:00 in the following numbers

  1. vibukamal says:


    This is a nice Stepping stone for kids,
    to encourage their reading habit,and the reading
    habit to be good life partner till the heights they

    Sir I’m residing in erode ,can I get ur franchise of longlongago.

  2. Deepa says:

    Hi, firstly am so glad to have come across this site. And the moment I tried to reach you, the numbers are not available. Also I see the last post for 2012 and nothing past that. Is this still active. Please tell me this is library is still active and working. It would be quite heart breaking to get a ‘no’ as reply. Currently put up in Coimbatore and there seems to be very few happenings with respect to kids reading here. So please reply back and let know the valid contact number. Thanks !!!

  3. Vinu says:


    I tried to contact the coimbatore number…..but not able to reach it…..I need some information with regard to the process and the places you deliver books in and around coimbatore…..could you able to give the contact number to speak further….

    Thank you

  4. Sudha Ramachandran says:

    I am interested to know about the plans offered to us to get the books

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