‘Happy Readers’ – A Reading Workshop

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The reading habit is a lifetime gift for a child, because reading builds language, knowledge,concentration and intellect in children.

“Happy Readers” is a unique child-friendly enrichment program which will develop a desire for reading from various sources, look at reading as a more enjoyable experience and feel more proud about the learning that comes out of it. This is accomplished through a series of child friendly activities like

  1. Reading from various sources- Each day the trainer will cover different reading sources like different kind of story books/ informative books, tell me why books, journals etc..
  2. Book reading with dialogues, expressions, read alouds and interaction
  3. Book Quiz
  4. Book Reviews
  5. Authors Talk
  6. Making of bookmark, bookipedia, book making etc.

The pre-book and post book activities included in this workshop is what it makes it unique.

A pre book activity may include some dialogues about what is this book about,(understanding the title) talking about authors, appreciation of the illustration., why this book has been written etc.The child’s imagination is made to work here

A post book activity will make sure that the joy of reading is put into action by drawing, sticking pictures and writing things about what they read. The learnings from the book are reinforced through this activity

Like this each pre-book and post book activities are guaranteed to kindle the spark of desire to read more.

The workshop concludes with the proud moment for the child when he/she creates her own book.

Title – Happy Readers
Venue – GRS Bridge 2 Learn, Y 49, 9th street, Near Ayyapan Temple, Anna Nagar, Chennai- 600040.
Time – 10 am to 12 pm
Date – 26th Dec, 2011 to 29th Dec 2011

For registrations contact Ms. Chitra @ 95661-93957 or chitra@longlongago.in

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